All citizens are eligible for commissioned officer status. 

Candidates must have no criminal background, be of sound mind and body and able to discharge the duties of a commissioned officer. Military service is not required. Although a thorough understanding of military theory and conduct must be accomplished through self study and performance. Candidates must demonstrate competency in the fields of leadership, administration,, basic soldier skills, light infantry tactics and strategy.



It is the duty of all citizens and all between ages 18-65 are eligible for enlisted service in the Golden Triangle Militia. Candidates must have no serious criminal background (felony abuse, domestic abuse), be of sound mind and body and be able to participate and learn the duties of enlisted militia personnel. No prior experience is required, but welcome, however recruits must attend training at least 1 time in 3 months and be willing to learn basic infantry skills to remain an active member. There are some specific gear requirements and recruits must be willing to acquire minimal items to facilitate their service in the Golden Triangle Militia. There is no specified time frame to get required gear but should be done in a timely manner as finances permit.

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